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Welcome to Eindhoven: a city with a number of 225.000 inhabitants, which is still growing fast. By now, you probably bought your first bike or rented one from one of the many bike-rentals in Eindhoven. (rent a bike here: Velorent). But where to go to? And even more important, how to get where you want to go?


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5 Stars - Based on 23 User Reviews
  • Passionate and funny Dutch guy who shares the beauty of his hometown with everyone!

    Joanne Hk Avatar
    Joanne Hk

    Best way to enjoy cycling and experience the nature around Eindhoven, highly recommended for everyone and also parents with kids! My kids love this tours and remember every detail of each trip.

    Alisa Chiao Avatar
    Alisa Chiao

    We biked through a fascinating green path. I suggest this trip to anyone who likes biking and nature

    Onur Çarhacıoğlu Avatar
    Onur Çarhacıoğlu
  • Thank you for the fantastic day, I hope to join again soon! 🙂

    Martina Ciancarella Avatar
    Martina Ciancarella

    I highly recommend Eindhoven Cycling Tours.

    I participated in 2 of such tours and i must say i have seen very beautiful areas of Eindhoven and around.

    Maurice himself is a fun-loving cycling enthusiast who is fully versed with Eindhoven and areas around. This means you get to see those areas which is beautiful but not known to all.

    Apart from the tours, you meet lot of new people and i must say, it is worth the time and efforts!

    Kalpesh Kashyap Avatar
    Kalpesh Kashyap

    4 star ratingHet echte leven, beweging, frisse lucht Een kleine beweging - elk in zijn ritme - in de frisse lucht. Prachtige landschappen, wilde dorpjes, aardige mensen, wildmolens, bier. . . Alles wat je wilt in slechts één dag.

    Monica M
  • Just had today an awesome tour with cool guide and very nice people. Didn't know there are so many beautiful places around here. Looking forward for more tours. 😀

    Sy Oana Avatar
    Sy Oana

    Bedankt Maurice voor de mooie fietstour met goede uitleg vandaag. Toerist zijn in mijn eigen geboortestad was heel bijzonder en ik heb weer mooie nieuwe plekjes ontdekt dankzij jou. Ik kan het iedereen adviseren dit een keer te doen.

    Marcel Greefhorst Avatar
    Marcel Greefhorst

    just enjoyed a beautiful Sunday with the tour to Helmond. Didn't know there's so much to see around Eindhoven. Thanks! Really enjoyed the tour.

    Hank Hsiung Avatar
    Hank Hsiung
  • Great chance to experience some hidden gems around the city, with breathtaking views and an excellent guide!

    Daniel Pleşa Avatar
    Daniel Pleşa

    Great tour with a great guide! Very recommended even for locals 🙂

    Anastasiia Shvets Avatar
    Anastasiia Shvets

    Super gezellig lekker gefietst

    Benj Mik Avatar
    Benj Mik
  • Not only beautiful landscapes but also the best company! Laughed so much today!! 🙂

    María Laura Avatar
    María Laura

    Nice way to explore Netherlands and meet new people. Friendly and helpful guide.

    Pranay Krishna Avatar
    Pranay Krishna

    We went today on the tour which was a great experience. Kids and adults in the woods, lots of pumpkins, falling leave in all colors, bunch of beautiful Scottish highlanders and above all dear Morris who guided us through the day with tons of knowledge and enthusiasm.
    Finally we ended drinking some �, � and hot � at the hut van mie pils.
    Thank you much Morris for a wonderfull day, we will meet again for sure.

    Sharon Bonfis Avatar
    Sharon Bonfis
  • Great way to see EHV! Brilliant tours!

    Mark Stewart Avatar
    Mark Stewart

    Really enjoyed this. The host/guide was knowledgeable and entertaining; He showed us some hidden nice places around Eindhoven. If you think that this city is boring, he will change your mind. Overall, a very nice way to spend your day, especially now during the summer.

    Viktor Kajml Avatar
    Viktor Kajml

    Maurice's tour was fantastic! He is very friendly and took care of everything. Nice views, lovely people and good vibes!

    Cosmina Misca Avatar
    Cosmina Misca
  • Highly recommended ! On your way will be different types of roads and views, but all the way will be smooth non any efforts to get thrue. Plenty stops so you could rest , have a snack and enjoy the view and chat with participants. You will ride about 35-40 km Northern Brabant's country side. Price is reasonable, and affordable.

    Kseniia Voinarovska Avatar
    Kseniia Voinarovska

    The Van Gogh trip was a very lovely tour, thanks a lot 🙂

    Magdalena Muhr Avatar
    Magdalena Muhr

    he showed me an hill in Eindhoven, never saw such an high place in Holland since i came here, amazing!

    Loris Cota Avatar
    Loris Cota
  • De tour, door de bossen en naar de Hut van Mie Pils was prachtig en goed georganiseerd

    Leny Meijer Avatar
    Leny Meijer

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